Canoe Hire on the River Wye with Celtic Canoes - Safety


Canoeing is a great water based activity that offers something for everybody in a beautiful outdoor environment. With every outdoor activity, however, safety always come first.

Some points to consider when planning your trip..

  • Unless you are on a guided trip you are responsible for your own safety on the river and for the equipment. Please remember that with all outdoor activities there is always an element of risk of injury or worse
  • Previous experience and fitness. You do not have to be 'superfit' to enjoy a paddle down the river in summer. However, if you have not done much canoeing before start with a day or half day trip rather than going straight into a longer 3 - 5 day camping trip. Five days on the river in summer is tiring if you are not used to it
  • In the event of a capsize are you confident in river water conditions ?
  • If you have younger children with you are you confident of managing their safety in a river environment ?
  • We do not cater for children below 6 years old and we do not hire to solo paddlers.
  • For young children (6 – 14 years) our ratio is one adult to one child. For children aged 15 – 18 our ratio is one adult to every two children
  • If you have a medical condition e.g. heart condition, high blood pressure, epilepsy please check with your doctor before booking
  • Alcohol and rivers do not mix - no alcohol is allowed in the canoes and we will not proceed with the hire if we think a group is incapable due to alcohol. Celebrate at the end of your trip!

After you have booked

Following confirmation of your booking we will send you our full Health and Safety Guidelines which gives advice on such things as 'what to wear', 'safety on the river' and an information sheet about your trip.

Hire on the day is subject to river levels and weather conditions. If a postponement of your hire is necessary due to adverse river\weather conditions we will give you as much notice as possible. We will offer you alternative dates or refund you any monies already paid if we are unable to re-arrange another convenient date.

Prior to the start of your trip we will..

  • Go over the Health and Safety and answer any questions
  • Fit you with a buoyancy aid and instruct on its use
  • Give you a full safety briefing and basic guide on how to handle your canoe
  • Give you a map and briefing on your route
  • Brief you on the river environment and how to avoid any accidental damage
  • Give you a rubbish bag to take with you
  • Answer any questions about any aspect of your trip
  • Wave you good-bye